basophilic leukocyte

basophilic leukocyte

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  • leukocyte — A type of cell formed in the myelopoietic, lymphoid, and reticular portions of the reticuloendothelial system in various parts of the body, and normally present in those sites and in the circulating blood (rarely in other tissues). Under various… …   Medical dictionary

  • basophil — ba·so·phil bā sə .fil, zə or ba·so·phile .fīl n a basophilic substance or structure esp a white blood cell with basophilic granules that is similar in function to a mast cell * * * n. a variety of white blood cell distinguished by the presence in …   Medical dictionary

  • mast cell — noun a large connective tissue cell that contains histamine and heparin and serotonin which are released in allergic reactions or in response to injury or inflammation • Syn: ↑mastocyte, ↑labrocyte • Hypernyms: ↑somatic cell, ↑vegetative cell •… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Döhle bodies — are light blue gray, oval, basophilic, leukocyte inclusions located in the peripheral cytoplasm of neutrophils. They measure 1 3 µm in diameter. Not much is known about their formation, but are thought to be remnants of the rough endoplasmic… …   Wikipedia

  • Karl Gottfried Paul Döhle — (June 6, 1855 December 7, 1928) was a German pathologist who was a native of Mühlhausen. He was a student at Tübingen, Leipzig, Strassburg and Kiel, where he received his doctorate in 1882. Afterwards he was an assistant at the pathological… …   Wikipedia

  • basocyte — SYN: basophilic leukocyte. [G. basis, base, + kytos, cell] * * * ba·so·cyte bā sə .sīt, zə n BASOPHIL …   Medical dictionary

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  • leukemia — Progressive proliferation of abnormal leukocytes found in hemopoietic tissues, other organs, and usually in the blood in increased numbers. L. is classified by the dominant cell type, and by duration from onset to death. This occurs in acute l.… …   Medical dictionary

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